About Us

Barrie Community Media is a registered not-for-profit based in Barrie, Ontario.

Formed by a group of residents, who started meeting in late 2019, the goal of BCM is the enable residents to tell their stories – the stories of our community – and so to help provide a shared sense and better understanding, or better understandings, perhaps, of who we are, both as individuals and as a community.

Our Vision

Creating for community, by community, and of community.

Our Mission

To inform, inspire, and empower people to share their stories, stories of their communities, and to participate in the creation of a collective story of our community; 

To promote and celebrate activities that bring joy, provide a sense of meaning, shared purpose, civic engagement, and social solidarity; 

To convey happenings in a way that encourage discussion and provide a better understanding of systemic context; 

To encourage dialogue in our community, and to foster understanding of marginalized people, identities, and groups in and around our communities;  

To foster and support collaboration between community members and citizen journalists, and those with professional experience in communicating and storytelling, including but not limited to those with experience in news journalism, content production, art, culture, music, and design; 

To facilitate training and a continuing learning experience for citizen journalists and media makers to raise the standard of media production in our community.