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BCM Membership Policy

Approved on February 21, 2021

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline criteria for becoming a member of Barrie Community Media (hereinafter referred to as BCM).

2. Values and Principles

Members shall agree to and uphold the values and principles of BCM.

BCM is a non-profit Corporation, supporting community radio, television, and web-based media projects. Its mission is to inform, inspire, and empower people to tell and share their stories and those of their communities, to participate in the creation of a collective narrative of our community, and to benefit the social solidarity of our community. BCM is committed to serving Barrie and Simcoe County residents, as well as community-based organizations. We believe in inclusivity, diversity and mutual respect. We seek to facilitate a diversity of viewpoints and opinions in a respectful environment that can help foster an engaged and impactful media expression. BCM aims to operate as a place of learning, engagement and creativity.

3. Membership

As referenced in Section 8 of the By-Laws, BCM shall have one class of membership. Members shall have rights, privileges, and responsibilities as set out in the By-Laws and Policies. For clarity, only individuals may become members. Entities such as corporations shall not be eligible to become members.

Membership is not transferable between individuals.

Individuals shall fill out a Membership Form, and pay a Membership Due, to be considered for membership.

The Board shall be responsible for ratifying new members.

4. Membership Dues

Membership Dues shall be twenty-four dollars ($24.00) Canadian per calendar year which shall be due the first day of each calendar year. There shall be a one (1) month grace period following that date and unpaid dues shall result in membership lapse as per the conditions set out in Section 14 of the By-Laws.

In lieu of paying a due, an individual may request an alternative method of attaining membership. For example, committing to a certain number of volunteer hours a month/a year in lieu of payment. The Board shall be responsible for approving the alternative method. The intention of this is to ensure that membership is accessible to all individuals regardless of financial means.

5. Good Standing

A member of BCM will be in good standing provided that the member:
has not ceased to be a member;

  • has not been suspended or expelled, or had other restrictions or sanctions imposed;
  • has completed and remitted all documents as required by BCM;
    has complied with the By-Laws, Anti-Harassment Policy, and other policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of BCM;
  • is not subject to a disciplinary investigation or action by BCM, or if subject to disciplinary action previously, has fulfilled all terms and conditions of such disciplinary action to the satisfaction of the Board;
  • and has paid all required Membership Dues.

Members who cease to be in good standing may have privileges suspended and will not be entitled to vote at meetings of members or be entitled to the benefits and privileges of membership until such time as the Board is satisfied that the Member has met the definition of good standing as set out above.

6. Address Verification and Proof of Residency

To become a member, individuals will need to complete a Membership Form. This form will ask for basic information such as a current street address.

When a member registers and receives our new member orientation package, they will need to provide documentation matching the street address provided on the membership registration form. BCM will not retain copies of this address verification information but will keep the address on file in the member database. Members agree to notify BCM of any change of address and provide verification for this new residence.

There are many ways a member can confirm their street address. Some of the information that can be used include:

  • Provincial-issued driver’s license;
  • Provincial-issued photo ID card;
  • Provincial-issued benefit assistance card with photo and address;
  • Other provincial or federal issued statements you wish to show for street address verification purposes.

A member can also bring in address verification documentation in the form of a prior month’s billing statement from any of these providers:

  • Cable, utility, cell phone, credit card, student loan, rent, retirement plan.
  • Vehicle or other types of Ontario registration.

In the event that a prospective member does not have one of the above forms of identification, they may have a guarantor. A guarantor will sign a form that includes:

  • the guarantor’s name, contact information, and proof of identity;
  • the guarantee’s name and additional ways to reach them (i.e. a phone number or email).

The guarantor’s information will be used to contact the member for any membership-related matters in the event that the guarantee does not have a phone or regular access to email.

7. Review and Approval

The BCM Board of Directors, in consultation with the Members, shall review this policy every two (2) years or as the need arises.