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City Hall Update: Fiber Optic Installation Restoration, School Zone Safety and Senior Housing Needs

Councillor Amy Courser raised issue about the timing of flashing lights and reduced speed limits in school zones. She suggested keeping the lights on continuously to ensure safety throughout the school day. The city official responded that “if we were to consider flashing the sign for the entire school day, motorists would become accustomed to the flashing sign studies have shown that they may not reduce their speed as opposed to when children are actually present.“

Councillor Sergio Morales of Ward 9 introduced a motion for the Community Infrastructure Housing Accelerator (CIHA) regarding the development of a long-term care facility and retirement home at 800 Young Street. 

“We’re we have interest from the private sector to get what will likely be the biggest investment for long term care homes,“ Morales commented, though he refrained from sharing details about the potential provider. Throughout the pandemic, several long-term care homes faced scrutiny due to lapses in care that sadly led to the deaths of many elderly residents. 

The motion aims to streamline the approval process while addressing the city’s housing needs for seniors. Mayor Nuttall applauded the approach of working with an operator to ensure swift progress in providing housing for seniors. 

It was passed unanimously. 

Deputy Mayor Robert Thomson of Ward 5 raised concerns about poor restoration after fiber optic infrastructure installation in the city. He questions the restoration process and the burden on residents. Bala Araniyasundaran, GM of Infrastructure and Growth Management, explained that residents can report issues, and the city collaborates with companies to address them. 

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