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City Hall Update: Revenue from School Facilities, Second Grocery Store, Garbage Pickup Catching Up

Various issues were discussed and motion passed during Wednesday’s general committee meeting at Barrie City Hall.

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The council passed a motion that will enable the use of school facilities for after-school and weekend programming.

However, Ward 10 councillor Bry Hamilton said she “received some concerns from existing clubs and organizations that currently utilize gym space after school and all weekends. And I’ve heard that it’s the capacity is already constrained.“

Mayor Alex Nuttall, who proposed the motion, stated that school facilities have an abundance of capacity. To further this agreement, the City staff will be negotiating with the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB).

Southeast is getting its second grocery store.
Southeast Barrie’s lack of grocery stores has caused affordability and accessibility issues for its residents. City councillors recently approved the rezoning of approximately nine acres of land, where Sobeys will be one of the tenants. The final approval for the project is set to be considered on March 9th, providing much-needed relief to those living in that area.

Sergio Morales, Ward 9 Councillor, expressed his support for Sobeys’ plan but had concerns about potential collision points or controlled intersections with the proposed development site. Michelle Banfield, Director of Development Services, responded that the Council was being asked only to consider a zoning amendment that would allow for the development of a grocery store, with site planning to be addressed at a later date.

Drinking water quality –

Barrie has some of the safest drinking water in all of Ontario, and possibly even across Canada. There were no reported water quality incidents last year, and both Ministry of the Environment audits and external party reviews found no issues.

Jim Harris, Ward 8 councillor, praised city’s water facilities. “We know across Ontario, we’ve had our events and Walkerton looms, always in our minds. So thank you for your for your work,” he said referring to the events of May 2000, when heavy rains caused cow manure to contaminate a drinking water intake well in Walkerton, Ontario. This resulted in thousands of people consuming the contaminated water, with many becoming seriously ill and seven people losing their lives.

Garbage Pickup –
Garbage pickup has been an issue in Barrie since the fall due to driver shortages, the holidays, and weather delays. However, things are improving and service is now only a day behind. The contractor brought in an additional three trucks for recycling pickup.

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