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Barrie City Council Approves Strategic Sale of Lake Simcoe Regional Airport Shares with First Right of Refusal Clause

During the General Committee meeting on November 15, Barrie City Council deliberated on various items at the city hall.

Design and Reconstruction of the Main Parking Lot in Painswick Park

In a move towards enhancing accessibility and safety, the City of Barrie has turned its attention to the main parking lot at Painswick Park. The current gravel lot, adjacent to a school and the park, has been a subject of concern due to its chaotic structure and lack of proper lanes for safe drop-offs and pickups. The park, being AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliant, demands an equally accessible parking facility. 

The city council, acknowledging these concerns, has proposed the design and reconstruction of this parking lot. The aim is to transform it into a paved space, thus addressing the accessibility issues for caregivers and children, including those with disabilities. This development not only aligns with the AODA’s Design of Public Spaces Standard but also reflects the city’s commitment to inclusive and safe public spaces.

Sale of Shares of the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport

Another key development in Barrie concerns the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. The City Council has approved the sale of its shares in the airport to the County of Simcoe. This significant financial move is expected to bring in approximately $1.2 million, a boost to the city’s overcommitted county capital reserve. 

A notable aspect of this sale is the inclusion of a first right of refusal clause, a strategic suggestion by Mayor Alex Nuttall. This clause allows the city to repurchase the shares at the same price if the county decides to sell them in the future, safeguarding against potential resale at a higher value. This decision not only aids in fiscal management but also ensures the city retains a measure of control over the future of the airport property, considering its higher potential value as industrial land compared to its current use.

Both these initiatives reflect Barrie’s proactive approach to urban development and financial management, keeping in mind the long-term benefits for its residents and the city’s overall growth.

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