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City Hall Update: City Council updates private tree bylaw to protect urban forest and fish habitats

At the general committee meeting held last week, two significant matters were deliberated.

Private Tree By-Law –

Barrie City Council has given initial approval to new regulations for single trees affected by construction on private property. The regulations require an arborist report if a tree is being removed or if construction is taking place next to a tree that needs protection. The changes will affect trees that are at least 15 feet in height. Homeowners will need to get advice from an arborist before removing a tree for maintenance purposes. The changes are aimed at mitigating future damage to privately owned trees due to private construction and excavation projects. 

Councillor Gary Harvey questions the need for creating a huge process and adding two new staff positions for the 15 permits issued per year. Mayor Alex Nuttall said it is an opportunity to increase the city’s canopy and beautify areas, as well as protect fish habitats.

Noise Issue at 303 Cundles Road East – 

The proposed development at 303 Cundles Road East has been modified to include three new apartment towers ranging in height from 8 to 12 storeys, with a maximum building height of 45 metres. The development will include 505 new residential units, and the rear yard setback will be reduced to 3.4 metres from the required 14 metres from Highway 400.

Clr Kungl raised concerns about the potential noise impact of a new development close to the 400 highway and asked if there is a way to proactively engage the Ministry of Transportation for sound barriers. Staff responded that it is usually up to the municipality and private landowner to deal with introducing land use in proximity to the highway, but the ministry has been involved in the process and could be asked to evaluate whether barriers would be considered for new construction and design.

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