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Report challenges Premier Ford’s privatization push and exposes underreporting of payments to private hospitals

In a recent panel discussion, led by Anisa Carrascal, Co-chair of the Simcoe County Health Coalition, a new report titled At What Cost? Ontario Hospital Privatization and the Threat to Public Health Care was presented, challenging Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s push for healthcare privatization. The report, authored by Andrew Longhurst of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, draws on extensive research, including Freedom of Information data, to scrutinize the true costs and impacts of privatizing hospital services in Ontario.

The report’s findings are alarming. It reveals significant gaps between the government’s reported spending on private clinics and the actual expenditures. In places like Barrie, public hospitals remain underused, while private clinics receive disproportionate funding amidst cuts to public healthcare. This raises questions about the government’s commitment to public health and the hidden costs of privatization.

Longhurst’s research compares Ontario’s healthcare situation with other regions like British Columbia, Alberta, and England, uncovering the risks associated with healthcare commercialization. The findings suggest that Ontario, which has shorter wait times compared to provinces with more for-profit service delivery, might be heading down a problematic path.

Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, CUPE, added to the discourse, highlighting the challenges faced by public hospitals due to underfunding and staff shortages. He pointed out the alarming statistic of people, including children, waiting beyond medically recommended time limits for surgeries, and the tragic consequences of these delays.

Anisa Carrascal echoed these concerns, emphasizing the staff shortages and the shifting of resources from public to private hands in Simcoe County. This shift not only affects the availability of services but also raises the issue of overcharging and upselling in private clinics.

The panel collectively called for a reevaluation of healthcare privatization policies, stressing the need for evidence-based strategies to address wait times and improve healthcare delivery. The report serves as a crucial call to action for policymakers to reconsider the impact of healthcare privatization on public health and safety, urging a return to a more sustainable, public-focused healthcare system in Ontario.

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